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Home Inspection Information


Questions and Answers about home inspections

Home Inspections, what you should know! 
This is a very important process in buying a home. Don't leave it out!
If you are buying a home, be prepared to learn all you can from your
House Inspection.

Always ask your inspector if they are part of the ASHI trade association.
This means that your inspector has meet the education and has the experience that
is necessary before becoming a full member.

Q. I've heard that a home buyer should make sure that
they use only a licensed home inspector. How can I be
sure that my inspector is licensed, and what training do
they have.

A. Your home inspector should hold a membership in the
American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), which is the
national trade organization that represents home inspectors.

What's important when choosing a house inspector?
Always ask your inspector how long they have been in business. This is
usually a good indication of their experience in the home inspection business.

What will the inspection look for?
House inspectors are trained to look for many things during an inspection. Both inside the dwelling and outside. They will start at bottom and work to the top. Inspecting basements, plumbing and heating, electrical, structure and roof, as well as many other important items with the house. The termite inspection is usually done at this time also. Your inspector can provide you with a detailed list of his important inspection items.

Try to locate a third party recommendation. Someone who has used the
services of a home inspector in the past. Ask friends, family or co-workers.
Traditional real estate brokers are not allowed to pick an inspector for you,
however, they may give you the names of at least three for you to call and ask questions. Ask for references, or you can call your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) for more information.

Always ask your inspector if they carry the proper insurance normally found with this type of business.

Make sure your are protected from misinformation or errors, however rare.
Additionally, ask your inspector if he is also licensed to perform termite
inspections. You will need this termite certificate for your lending institution.

After you select your inspector, be sure that you understand what he will
do for you. A professional home inspector will explain, in detail what the
inspection will and will not cover.

Your inspector will furnish you with a written report that you can keep. Do
not use an inspector that does not furnish you with a written report, and
document his findings.

Always be there for your inspection. Take notes and listen to your inspector.

He will make observations and suggestions as he goes through the house.
Remember, your inspection tells you if you have made the right choice in the home you have picked out for yourself.

***Please use a licensed home inspector when you purchase a home. This inspection will go a long way in preserving your investment. Also remember, that even if your new home reveals potential problems, your inspector can suggest any remediation necessary, and give you an approximate cost
of repairs.